I don't see the filters in my store after installing your app?

May be you have installed on duplicate theme. Then you must have preview the duplicate theme.

To preview the filter on duplicate theme, from your Shopify admin, go to the Online Store > Themes > find the theme that you selected during installation and then click Actions > Preview.

I've modified a product but I haven't seen it applied yet,why?

When modifying a product or new tags are added to products or new products are created, app always need to be synced manually from "Synchronization" tab in order for new data to display correctly.

The filters are not working after I change my Shopify theme?

You have to install the Filter into your new Theme. Please go to the app installation tab to setup the application on new theme.

Can I have different filters on dfifferent collections?

Yes, you can. Just configure each filter tree by the collection on which you want to display.

Will your app take existing product into (size,color,etc) to filter with?

Yes, but they must be product attributes.

Our filter options cannot be created if your product info is in the title or in the description.

Your monthly price is based on the number of products, what exactly counts as a product?

Our app counts all products in your Shopify inventory (from all sales channels, visible, invisible, in stock and out of stock). Basically, we store and sync all products in our database to make sure that we don't miss anything when you update a product, set it visible or publish the product to the online store channel.

We do not count variant or SKU. If a product comes in three sizes variants (small, medium, large), we count it as 1 product.

When you log in to your Shopify admin page, you could easily check how many products you have from this Shopify link:


(yourstore: is the name of your store)